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Cremoly Affiliate Program


Hello & Welcome!

We’re so happy that you’re here. At Cremoly, we are all-in for a healthier & safer future – that’s why we are so passionate about spreading the word of better health practices, especially wearing protective masks! We have created a unique line of modern masks that are the perfect stylish alternative to the standard protective mask, with over 20 playful & on-trend patterns that will suit anyone’s sense of style.

To help spread the word, we are seeking out like-minded individuals around the world who want to join us in establishing a healthier & safer future. That’s where you come in – we would like to invite you to become a valued member of our first-ever Affiliate Program!

By gathering like-minded men & women in our quest, we can all work together towards normalizing eco-friendly & stylish protective masks for a healthier tomorrow. Are you ready to join us & make a difference?

Our Affiliate Program is a unique way in which we offer incentives for our biggest fans & followers to help spread the word about Cremoly.

We provide you with a unique discount code & link to share with your followers that will help them save money while providing you with the credit for making the sale, if they decide to buy a mask (or two!). By sharing our stylish masks through your amazing creative content, we can work together to spread healthier & safer practices throughout our communities.

If you’re ready to join our crew, you can sign up at the link below:

Cremoly Affiliate Program on ShareASale


By joining our Affiliate Program, you can earn a bunch of amazing perks.

• 20% commission on any sales through your affiliate link
• 10% off code for all of your followers!
• The opportunity to get free Cremoly products to review (we like to reward our biggest fans)

The process is very simple – here’s what you need to know.

1. You join the Affiliate Program (yay!).
2. We provide you with a unique link to share with your followers that will offer them a fantastic discount while providing you with credit for the sale.
3. You create amazing content featuring Cremoly as a blog post, Instagram post, Tweet, email, or something even more creative with the affiliate link included.
4. Your followers click on the link.
5. Your followers’ IP address is logged & a cookie is placed on their browser for tracking purposes.
6. Your followers browse our site & shop for amazing masks.
7. If they decide to order, it will be registered as a sale for you & you’ll earn a commission for the sale (BONUS!).

If you have any additional questions about our program, please feel free to reach out to us any time at [email protected]




As of January 1, 2020, only transactions using authorized promo codes linked directly to the affiliate will be authorized. 

Any transactions using other affiliate codes will not be considered authorized conversions.

Cremoly’s focus is on creating modern, stylish protective mask designs that encourage both men and women to live their lives safely while still staying on-trend. Our masks are stylish yet practical, with bold colors and patterns alongside protective elements that will keep customers safe from pollutants, dust, pollens, biologics, and other microscopic particles.

We strive to connect with like-minded individuals through the world of social media including blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. We know that bloggers and influencers are passionate about what they do and have a keen eye for finding the latest in on-trend style while maintaining a focus on health and wellness. This is what makes Cremoly the perfect fit for this demographic.

We also understand the importance of rewarding bloggers and influencers with whom we work. While other affiliate programs may focus on only benefiting the company, we strive to do things differently. This is why we offer a base commission of 20% for each sale made using the provided affiliate code or link. We hope that it is through this process that we can build trust and knowledge within our community and establish a higher level of awareness for personal safety alongside style.