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About Us

CREMOLY - The Creation of Modern Living

CREMOLY was founded with the goal of creating and inventing new products for customers around the world that combine style, function and sustainable living. Each and every piece in our extensive collections perfectly combines these three core focus points for a unique and versatile end product that is customer-friendly, eco-conscious and attainable on any budget.

Originally known in 2020 as Masksup, our company began as a solution designed to address the pandemic. For 2021, we are transitioning to CREMOLY, with new goals in mind that aim to create more products that protect consumers, promote better living and encourage eco-friendly practices.


Form Meets Function

All CREMOLY products are created with the consumer in mind, with easy to understand designs that are user-friendly in nature and made to last. Each product is designed to capture a high level of function and style, creating a seamless user experience from start to finish. This experience serves to fit a unique need of the consumer or to serve a unique purpose to help better their personal lives, effortlessly providing a higher quality of living.


Do No Harm

At CREMOLY, we believe in providing products that are eco-friendly and do not harm the Earth. Our pieces are crafted using eco-friendly materials in a conscious manner that minimizes our impact on the environment across the board. Additionally, our products are designed to be used again and again, maximizing their function and versatility without causing damage to the Earth.


Attainable Pricing

Because we cut out the middleman and sell directly to the customer, all CREMOLY products can be provided at a lower cost. This ensures that all of our products are not only high-quality and versatile, but also they are affordable and attainable to all consumers across the marketplace.


Our PPE Donation Partnership

At Masksup, we are proud to have partnered with in order to distribute free masks to frontline workers and underserved, under-resourced communities around the world. By partnering with this organization, we have been able to provide our masks to the communities that need it most, working together towards a better, healthier and safer future for everyone.


Do You Need a Donation?

We know that it’s critical that everyone has access to life-saving PPE, especially reusable masks. If you are in need of a donation of masks, please reach out to us at [email protected] for further information. We would love to help!